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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q).Can my tour be branded with my own logos and colour scheme?

A). Yes, all tours have a unique template which can reflect your own company colours with a banner or logos.

Q). How to I use the link you sent me in my marketing campaign?

A). You are automatically sent a link to your tour, however you do have the option to purchase a domain name. which can access your tour directly. Once you have the link we provide for you, simply add it to your website listing to allow potental purchasers the opportunity to click the link and take the online tour. Remember the tour will be branded with your company information so to the viewing public, this transition will be seemless.

Q). Can you make my tours interactive?

A). Yes, Our Interactive Virtual Tour means that we can add hotspots to any part of the photo, ie doors/windows, we can also have an interactive floorplan which allows customers to navigate room-by-room. This will give the viewing public a unique experience and allow customers explore the property.

Q). Are all the same services available building the tours myself?

A). Yes, the "You Build It" engine works exactly the same way as when we build your tours for you, the only difference is our professional photography. We offer you the chance to use your own photography, upload to our system and build your own tours, adding hotspots, building templates and much more.

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